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BA Partners is a consulting / advisory company established in March 2012. 


As investments by Japanese companies increase, the trend of Japanese companies forging partnerships with local companies in Southeast Asia is getting more prevalent.  Our company has been providing support for various companies to source funding for business expansion.  We strive to be a bridge for many companies, regardless of their nationality, to cross over to Asia.  

Our main strengths are as followings:

1.  Partner for growth with medium- to long-term relationship

We have worked with various clients from various industries.  Our basic policy is to forge a medium- to long-term relationship with our clients.  Thus we spend tremendous time together and share information with our clients.  By implementing such hands-on services, we believe we can lead our clients to the place where they want to be in future.

2.  Wide network with local companies
Planning Travels

​Our profile of clients consists of not only Japanese companies but also local companies in Southeast Asia.  We have deepened relationships with financial institutions and conglomerates in Southeast Asian countries.  Through these networks, we are able to obtain information on deals and projects that other companies are unable to obtain. 

3.  Team of professionals with outside-the-box thinking
Home Desk

Our company is not a large organization, but we started implementing remote work even before the COVID-19 pandemic started.  We have an effective structure to deal with each project.  We strive to be a team of professionals that is able to meet our clients' needs by maintaining close communication among team members regardless of where they are.  

On the other hand, one of our company policies is to be 'family-friendly.'  We encourage our team members to have adequate work-life balance by fulfilling private life first, so they can contribute more to society. 

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