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Startup Support

Startup business support and expansion support in Japan

Our company has been intensively supporting startups who are pioneering new fields by tapping into our experience as venture capitalists. Recently, startups are not only doing business in their home countries, but are also expanding overseas. In particular, Southeast Asian startups are keen on expanding their business to Japan, and we are here to help them.

SoundEye Pte Ltd - Singapore

SoundEye is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells devices that perform fall detection and fall prevention in hospitals and nursing care facilities using proprietary voice and image recognition technologies.  Their products have already been introduced in hospitals, nursing homes, and facilities for the disabled in Singapore.  In Japan, their product has been adopted by Kitakyushu city's GAP-K program and exhibited at the "Sanpo no Sumai Model Room" at Fuji Pharma Valley Center in Shizuoka prefecture.

Neuron Mobility is a Singapore-based company that specializes in rental e-scooters and e-bikes. They operate in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It uses high-accuracy location technique and rapid geofence detection to ensure the public safety. The company is committed to partnering with cities to deliver bespoke solutions that meet their needs. They are also committed to sustainable operations.

Skyfy Technology is an Information Technology company based in Singapore that specializes in Global Positioning System (GPS). They offer Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Systems for mainly SMEs in Singapore. Their services include 24/7 Live Tracking which captures vehicular information such as mileage, speed, idle timings, and location. They are also the preferred PSG grant vendor with some subsidization available for purchasers.

DragonPay - Singapore / Philippines

Dragonpay was established in 2010 in Phillipines, in response to the growing need of consumers and businesses for an alternative payment channel. It provides unbanked consumers a convenient option to transact, which allows merchants, retailers and organisations through a secured digital platform.
BA Partners set up Holding company in Singapore for their group restructuring and have been supporting their administration.


In November 2023, we have joined Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Japan Connect Initiative (JCI) program as a local partner of Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd. and TSUCREA Co., Ltd., the operators of the program. 

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