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Main Services

Investment business support for Venture Capitals and Private Equity Investors

In recent years, investments by VC and PE in Southeast Asia have been increasing drastically.  We assist these investors to build necessary foundations for their investment. 

<Our main clients>

- Development Bank of Japan, Corporate Investment Group

- CyberAgent Capital

- New Horizon Capital

- GMO VenturePartners

Cross-border M&A facilitation and support

The number of cross-border M&A in the Southeast Asia region has been steadily increasing.  One of our strengths is our wide network with local companies despite being a Japanese-owned company.  We often play a role of an advisor for local companies.  In addition, we often go through negotiations with companies in Europe and the USA.  Our M&A support is not limited in a certain region.

<Our main clients>

 - PT. Super Capital Indonesia

A gas distribution company in Indonesia

They have received investment as a strategic partner from Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

We supported the deal as an advisor of PT. Super Capital Indonesia.

   - Hokuto Corporation

Support on business expansion in Indonesia

​As an advisor, we have supported the investment activities of Hokuto Corporation.

Startup business support and expansion support in Japan

We provide support to startup businesses in Southeast Asia and Japan.  We also provide hands-on assistance to Singapore start-up companies that are expanding their businesses in Japan.  See "Startup Support" for more details)

<Our main clients>

・SoundEye Pte Ltd - Singapore

・Neuron Mobility Pte Ltd - Singapore

・Skyfy Technology Pte Ltd - Singapore

・DragonPay - Singapore / Philippines

Business expansion support in the ASEAN region

As the world situation rapidly changes these days, the ways companies expand their businesses to overseas have been increasingly challenged.  Taking advantage of our office being in Singapore, we put our heads together with our clients' to come up with the best possible ways for our clients' business expansion that might include business restructuring and initial public offering (IPO) in the ASEAN region.

​<Our main clients>

- Sunrise Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hyogo, Japan)

Support for their Group businesses in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and China.

- Hokkaido Marche Singapore

Foodcourt operation in Singapore

​Hands-on services for business restructuring

- Toyo Kanetsu K.K.

Support for the group CVC (Corporate Venture Capital)

Others: Partnerships with government agencies and foundations

We believe that biotechnology, food culture, and art are three new areas that Japan can export to make contributions in the ASEAN region for medium- to long-term.  We consider such contributions as our lifework, thus we have been in close alliance with the following agencies.  

​<Our main clients>

- "Cool Japan Fund Inc." by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

We assisted Japan Food Town Singapore to prepare for its opening in 2016.

 (The Food Town was closed in February 2020)

- Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe

(TRI: Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation)

We have been working as their partner in transferring Japan's biotechnologies to Singapore since 2013.  We linked up ARO (Academic Research Organization) with Singapore agencies.  We have been providing support for collaborative clinical trials carried out in multiple countries.

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